Why Regent University?

Simply put – God called me here. When my wife and I were still dating in 2005, I worked at a place I loved, lived near friends and family in Ohio, and I was all set to go to another university on a full-ride scholarship. Yet, there was a sense of unrest – God was whispering and I listened... In a matter of two months, we quit our jobs, got married and moved here to get a degree at Regent. There is no question that Regent was the right choice.

Why Online Learning?

As a direct result of earning a Christian education, I have a better grasp of my roles as a Christian, a husband, a lifelong learner, a friend, a follower, and a leader. Moreover, earning a degree is a very fulfilling yet difficult experience. I can’t imagine earning it without the support and encouragement of dedicated Christian faculty and the freedom (and expectation) to grapple with spiritual challenges in the context of the classroom.

Why A Business Degree?

Leadership is interesting, relevant and applicable. Leadership is everywhere but it is not understood by many people. Also, there is a critical need for good leadership everywhere. Last, leadership is essential influence, and without influence, one cannot change the world. The real question is, “Why not a leadership degree?”


Guitar Hero?

Over the course of my life, I have played (or attempted to play) a number of different intruments. I started with the trumpet (played for 3 years), moved to keyboard (played for several years), then the harmonica and guitar. I currently play the drums (not very well). The fact is, without talent (that's me), playing an instrument is hard!

I just ran across something called, "Guitar Hero." Apparently it is an interactive game that uses a guitar-controller to simulate playing a guitar. The on-screen personality mocks movements associated with song. It plays of the dance games you seen in the video arcade, where participants must (with amazing coordination) match the steps on a sensor pad to the music. In the case of the Guitar Hero, participants must hit keys on the fake guitar with as acurately as possible in accordance with the song they are attempting.

This kind of video game sure is a long way from my original Atari 2600 with Space Invaders! Check this kid out below... he is five years old and quite the expert.



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