Why Regent University?

Simply put – God called me here. When my wife and I were still dating in 2005, I worked at a place I loved, lived near friends and family in Ohio, and I was all set to go to another university on a full-ride scholarship. Yet, there was a sense of unrest – God was whispering and I listened... In a matter of two months, we quit our jobs, got married and moved here to get a degree at Regent. There is no question that Regent was the right choice.

Why Online Learning?

As a direct result of earning a Christian education, I have a better grasp of my roles as a Christian, a husband, a lifelong learner, a friend, a follower, and a leader. Moreover, earning a degree is a very fulfilling yet difficult experience. I can’t imagine earning it without the support and encouragement of dedicated Christian faculty and the freedom (and expectation) to grapple with spiritual challenges in the context of the classroom.

Why A Business Degree?

Leadership is interesting, relevant and applicable. Leadership is everywhere but it is not understood by many people. Also, there is a critical need for good leadership everywhere. Last, leadership is essential influence, and without influence, one cannot change the world. The real question is, “Why not a leadership degree?”


Blogging Hiatus

Wow! It has been a while since I have been to the blogs... it’s great to see all the blogging going on! Who will be the first to reach 100 posts? On my end, things are moving right along. I feel I am in a good place, but also that there is only more to come. For now, here's the update: I have graduated from the Organizational Leadership & Management program in Undergrad. The last class was difficult, culminating in the largest project/paper of my brief academic career, but the challenge was well worth it. So, I am now a blogging alumnus. After taking one year off from school, I am currently tackling graduate coursework in Organizational Development Consulting (so much for finding a program with a very short title).

The Lord has blessed me with a wonderful role at Regent as the Director of Student Services for Undergrad. This job offers a lot of variety of tasks and responsibilities as well as many opportunities to interact with students. We have a lot going on right now and it’s great!

There have been a lot of changes since I came to Regent, and there will be plenty more to come. Some people don't like change and prefer consistency. That's okay for them, but for me, change represents progress, new challenges, and opportunity to learn new things. Embracing this allows me to grow and to be stretched so that I can offer more and more to my current and future employers.

“Leadership, by its very nature, inspires people to move in directions they would not otherwise have been willing to take. From time to time, good leadership requires excursions into unexplored territory, and draws on a leader's courage” (Buzzell, et al., 1998, p. 242). Good leaders can encourage people to go willingly to places they don’t necessary want to go. Like walking in a fog with low visibility, we need to trust those that God has placed in leadership to guide us through to the other side.

Further, each new or different position or role lends a new context for growth in my relationship with the Lord. God will often ask me to take on new roles or responsibilities, particularly those that challenge me. I personally believe that accepting the changes is a way of honoring Him.


Buzzell, S. (1998). The leadership Bible: Contemporary leadership principles from God’s word. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.


katrina said...

Great to hear that things are well...I'm excited about changes going on at Regents. You guys (the staff) are doing an awesome job. :)